NPF Accounts

NPF Accounts

28 Craftsman Rd. Building P-106
2nd Floor
Petawawa, ON K8H 2X3
Cashier 613-687-5511 x5494

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 0800-1200hrs & 1300-1530hrs

Cashier Hours
Monday - Friday 0800-1200hrs & 1300-1500hrs

NPF provides information on CFMWS pay allotments (i.e. CANEX credit plan payments, CAC memberships, Mess Dues, Unit/Kitshop, Acquittance Rolls, etc.) They accept payments on current accounts (i.e. CANEX credit plans, clear NSF charges, etc.). Members must also clear out at NPF (members must clear the Recreation Complex, Mess and Barracks (if applicable) prior to clearing NPF Accounts).

As directed by the G/Comd:

1. All personnel must clear their Mess and the Rec Plex prior to clearing out of NPF Accounts. Mess clearance is to clear up any outstanding balances and cease your dues at that Mess. Recration Complex clearance is to cease CAC membership allotments.

2. You cannot clear NPF Accounts until two days prior to your last day of work on the Garrison. If a Member is posted, CANEX credit plans may continue as is. If a Member is releasing and in receipt of a full pension, CANEX credit plan payments must be switched to Pre-authorized Debits. If a Member is releasing and will not be receiving a pension, all CANEX credit plans must be paid in full prior to clearing out.