NPF Accounts

NPF Accounts

28 Craftsman Rd. Building P-106
2nd Floor
Petawawa, ON K8H 2X3
Phone: 613-687-5511 x6656

Clients can now make payments on CANEX/NPF accounts by Interac e-transfer.  See detailed instructions below.

COVID-19 Procedures
Our team is available to assist you remotely. Use the buttons at the bottom of this page for one click access. The cashier is available by appointment only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Building P-106 is open for paperwork drop-off and chute deposits daily from 0800hrs to 1530hrs. Paperwork will be quarantined for 72 hours after receipt. 
Business Hours
Monday to Friday     0730 - 1530hrs
Clerk services are available over the lunch hour

NPF Accounts provides information on CFMWS pay allotments such as CANEX credit plan payments, CAC memberships, Mess Dues, Unit Fund dues, and Acquittance Rolls. The cashier can process payments on NPF accounts.

Out Clearances
Members must clear out at NPF upon posting, release or extended leave.
To clear out of NPF:
1. Clear out of the Mess and Recreation Complex; 
2. Complete an NPF Out Clearance form ONLINE or request one by e-mailing
3. Submit your Out Clearance form ONLINE or by EMAIL, and EMAIL us your Unit Fund Cease form (if applicable).
4. NPF will update your account, process any required payments and e-mail you a confirmation of out clearance.

RELEASES: Members cannot clear NPF Accounts until two days prior to their last day of work on the Garrison. Remaining CANEX credit plan payments must be switched to Pre-authorized Debit or paid in full.

POSTINGS: CANEX credit plans may continue, but cable charges, unit dues, and other local monthly payments need to be ceased. 

Complete Out Clearance ONLINE

In Clearances
Not required

Interac e-Transfer Instructions

1. Log in to your bank account and select Interac e-Transfer

2. Set up new Payee: 
 Name: CFMWS
Notify contact by: E-mail
E-mail address:  (no general office inquiries)
3. Process e-transfer, including in message 
CF1 Number (account # on NPF statement) or Service Number 
Client's Name
Phone Number
Invoice Number or CANEX Plan Number (with allocation if multiple)
4. An electronic receipt will be e-mailed to you to confirm payment.
Auto-deposit has been enabled on all e-mail transfers sent to the e-mail address to ensure the funds are properly deposited to our organization’s bank account. DO NOT set up a password on the transfer.
Keep in mind that there is a daily limit defined by your bank for e-transfers. If the amount you wish to pay is greater than your daily limit, you may have to submit multiple payments.