About Petawawa

About Petawawa


Petawawa climate varies significantly depending on season.  The town generally experiences cold winters and hot summers. Average temperatures for the winter months range from -8° C to -15° C and summer months from 15° C to 25° C. The average amount of precipitation for the year is 32.1 inches. One can say that Petawawa offers the kind of weather that everyone can enjoy. Petawawa is often sunny during the summer months; however the overall climate varies throughout the year.

Petawawa is located in Eastern Ontario which is known for it's humid and hot summers. The city will often experience heat waves during the summer months, where temperatures may exceed 30° C for a few consecutive days. 



Petawawa has no public transportation services at this time. 

With Garrison Petawawa and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (CNL) being the major employers in this area, which are about 30 minutes away from each other, people generally will drive, bicycle, walk or take a taxi where they need to go. We also have a Greyhound Bus, with routes going to parts of Northern and Southern Ontario. 



Junior Kindergarten - Grade 12 Education
Public education in Petawawa typically begins at age 4 in Junior Kindergarten, and ends at age 18 in Grade 12. 

In Ontario, four school systems are publicly funded: the French Public system, the French Catholic system, the English Public system and the English Catholic system. Parents have a choice to send their children to the Public or Catholic school in the area where they reside.

In Petawawa, there is one English and English Catholic school district and two Francophone school boards that oversee schools in the local area. Both English school boards offer French programs, however the French schools offer strictly French programs.

Quick Facts

  • In the Province of Ontario, children are eligible to start junior kindergarten during the calendar year of their fourth birthday.
  • Generally, elementary schools serve children starting in kindergarten until grade 8, and high school (secondary school) serves youth from grades 9 to 12.  Local Catholic elementary schools go from kindergarten to grade 7, the students then attend Bishop Smith Catholic High in Pembroke for grades 8-12. Check with your child's local school for more information;
  • Many schools offer French Immersion programs beginning in kindergarten.
  • Ontario students must complete 40 hours of community service before graduating high school