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Auto Fix it Club

As of July 1 the Auto Fix It Club will be offering limited short term vehicle storage.  The cost for this will be $10 per month
Any question or concerns please contact the 
Auto Fix It Club VP

The Auto Fix It Club is located at D-19 on Menin Road. The club has five bays, two with hoists. There is also a project bay which can be rented out weekly. Tools include a tire balancer, metal cutting torches, welding (ARC, MIG and Stick), a diagnostic scanner as well as many other tools.
Many of our attendants have mechanical backgrounds and can help with projects if required.

Becoming a Member:
If you want to become a member you must have a Community Access Card or a One Club membership. These can be purchased at the Recreation Complex located at 30 Festubert Bvld. After you have one of these membership cards, you need to come to the Auto Fix It Club during operational hours and purchase an Auto Fix It Membership card for $25+ Tax. Club memberships last for one year.
Register ONLINE

Normal Operational Hours:
Monday to Wednesday from 6pm to 10pm. 
While the Auto Fix It Club strives to have the shop open every day our attendants are volunteers and these hours are subject to their availability. There is a schedule posted on the door showing scheduled shifts for the month.
If you have an emergency and need to get into the shop outside normal operating hours, or if an attendant isn’t scheduled you may contact any member of the executive team and we will do our best to come in.

Fees:All fees include HST and must be paid in cash
1 Hour Bay rental $6.00
1 Tire Balance and Change $6.00
15 minutes of Torch or Welding $6.00
Project Bay $50.00 per week

Located at Building D-19 (near the POL Point)    
For more Information call the Auto Fix-It Club at 613-687-5511 ext. 6153 or a member of your Executive Team.  
Contact information for Executives
President: Derek Crane
Vice President:
Lindsay Parsons
Treasurer: Jason Downey   
Scott Boutillier
613-585-0163 please text message
Custodian: Hazen Lewis  
Past President: Scott Boutillier