Pop Up Art

Pop Up Art 23 May to 9 June

Please join us for the Extra-Ordinary Exhibition Opening Reception 

1400-1600 hrs | 23 May 2019 | Dundonald Hall Fitness Sports and Aquatic Centre

Eleven Artists - Multimedia Exhibit

Exploring how the extraordinary can be found in our everyday lives in Renfrew County.

Pop Up Art features an exhibit titled Extra-Ordinary which explores how ordinary objects can take on a larger meaning in our lives. The exhibit includes eleven artists — each has chosen an object as a source of inspiration for their art pieces. Objects include a tree, a pot, a piece of driftwood, a pie, a saw blade, a green glass bottle, a birchbark purse, a pitcher, a frayed cable wire, the piano at Festival Hall and a honeybee comb.

The objects are representative of a story surrounding the artists’ experiences living in Renfrew County. Some of the stories include how a veteran uses art to heal and live with post-traumatic stress disorder; moving to an old farm in the Valley and discovering remnants from the past; connecting to music in the Valley; looking at the forestry industry today and a hundred years ago; how moose meat pie ties a community together. Eight different types of media are represented in the art pieces, including found objects, film, ceramic, painting, mosaic, blacksmithing, glass and textiles.