Youth Volunteer Program

Youth Volunteer Program

Please note that this program is currently cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

PMFRC Youth Volunteer Program

Are you a high school student looking for ways to earn volunteer credits for graduation?

Are you looking for ways to get more involved in your community?  Meet new friends?

Check out our Youth Volunteer Program.  Join us Tuesdays from 3 to 6 PM at the South Side Community Centre. 

The volunteer projects vary from week to week and can include anything from craft projects, to decorating, to administrative work. 

If there a specific area that you are interested in, talk to our volunteer coordinator

Our youth volunteers are also eligible to participate in exclusive activities and training opportunities!

Youth Volunteer Testimonials 

Heidi is one of our youth volunteers that joined us after her friend told her about the Youth Volunteer night every Tuesday at the South Side Community Centre.

My personal opinion on this program is that it is great, really fun and benefits the hours you need for school. We get together every Tuesday at the South Side Community Centre from 3 - 6 PM, make dinner, clean toys for Kiddie Kollege, prepare material for workshops, decorate for special events, and much more.

I think the volunteer program is a great way to learn responsibility, make friends, and learn how to get things done properly and efficiently. (Rowan)

Do you need more hours and want to make cool friends? Consider joining.
Our Youth Volunteer Rowan joined us last summer and has done some research and interviews about volunteering and its benefits. 

After reading an article called “Volunteering and its Surprising Benefits” by Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. and Lawrence Robinson, I wanted to do my own research with my fellow youth volunteers. Here are my results:

Statement 1: Volunteering connects you with others
I have found that volunteering connects you with others because you are always working with people; I have met some amazing friends that I talk to almost daily. It is also a great way to help the community by cleaning toys and equipment or helping individuals with tasks.

Yes, it led to meeting amazing people that are great to work with. (Jasmine)

Statement 2: Volunteering is good for your mind and body
Volunteering is a great way to reduce stress because when one of us comes to volunteering sad or angry we leave the night laughing because of the fun things we do here.

I get to hang with really chill people and it makes me not want to be sad or stressed. It also helps deal with social anxiety because we have to interact and speak with people all the time, and after a while it gets easier. (Heidi)

Statement 3: Volunteering can advance your career
In the nine months I have been volunteering, we have had numerous workshops that we can use in future employment opportunities. We participated in personal and professional development activities such as Positive Digital Footprint, Customer Service and Communication Skills, balloon animal making and face painting.

I’m not good at English in school but I’m good enough here to help write this article which can help me in my future workplace. (Ridge)

Statement 4: Volunteering brings fun and fulfillment to your life

Volunteering actually is amusing and fulfilling because even though we do activities that might not usually be enjoyable, doing it as a group makes it fun! Cooking is one example -- some of us were never fond of it, but since we have been doing it together it is interesting. Even if you mess up it is not really a mistake and we find some way to make it better.

It does bring fun because we have so many silly jokes and it makes our day better. (Alyssa and Sabryna)

Testimonial from a mother of a Youth Volunteer:

I cannot stress enough how wonderful the PMFRC youth volunteer program is. Not only is it beneficial for the completion of volunteer hours for high school students, it also looks great on a resume, is a great place to make new friends, and teaches new skills. My son started the program just to get his volunteer hours for school, and still attends each week even though he completed his hours within the first few months of volunteering. He looks forward to going and it has given him extra confidence and a sense of pride in a job well done -- not to mention the great friends he has made. It is definitely a program worth checking out.