Volunteer Recognition

2017 Volunteer Recognition

The PMFRC celebrated Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 24 - April 28), a week set aside to celebrate and appreciate volunteers: the backbone of our communities. The PMFRC is fortunate to have so many skilled, motivated, and -- above all -- selfless people who step up, day after day, to show their commitment to helping military families in our community. 

On April 25, for the first time, we hosted a party exclusively for our youth volunteers, to recognize their support of the PMFRC. 

We were joined by Col. Mark Misener and CWO Bill Richards to acknowledge our youth volunteers and the work they have done for the military community.

Congratulations to Rowan Watts who won the Youth Volunteer of the Year Award.

On April 26, we held our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Over the last year, our volunteers have given over 4000 hours of their time to the military community -- the positive impact they have made cannot be measured.

The Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Michelle Palmer for her outstanding achievements as Volunteer HR Assistant. 

"Michelle has a warm, cheerful attitude with all staff in the building; she is very dependable, efficient, and unfailingly punctual."

We recognized Roxann Sadowski for her outstanding dedication and commitment to the PMFRC -- she is the winner of the 2017 Award of Merit.

"Roxann’s sense of dedication and generosity is a trait that does not go unnoticed. She spends endless amounts of time in preparing and perfecting programs that she volunteers for."

Congratulations and thank you to all of the volunteers whose dedication has such a great impact on our programs and helps to improve the quality of life for our military families.

Image source: PMFRC