Craft Corner

Craft Corner Create with us in our cozy Craft Corner!

Are you looking for simple crafts that are fun and look great, but do not require a lot of fancy supplies? You have come to the right place! Check out our Craft Corner videos below and enjoy some quality crafting time today.

Watermelon Paper Fan 
This snack inspired our craft and is blingin' with June is Rec Month vibes! 
For full list of supplies and written instructions, go to

Winter Mittens
Watch and learn how to make this easy and cute Winter Mitten craft! Customize and decorate your mittens how you like, with different colours, stickers and yarn.

Full written instructions:
Mitten template:

Festive Tree
Watch and learn how to make this easy, beautiful and festive tree!

Full written instructions:

How to Draw a Duck
How to change the number 29 into a duck! 🦆

To learn how to make more drawings out of numbers, visit