PGC Virtual Skill Builder

PGC Virtual Skill Builder

The Petawawa Gymnastics Club is proud to present our new Virtual Skill Builder. Tune in each week for new videos on some of the core skills every gymnast must develop in order to succeed in the sport.

Did you know that Gymnastics is one of the few sports that uses every muscle in the human body?

Gymnastics is a great way to stay in shape, increase your flexibility, develop endurance and gain muscle control. Each week we will be presenting skills that will challenge and engage viewers in the sport of Gymnastics. Skills will vary in level from week to week and video to video to connect with the many levels of athlete tuning into our program.

Key Gymnastics Pointers
  • Stay tight. Keeping your muscles in control and tight throughout all skills will give you more control.
  • Point your toes. 
  • Lock your elbows when performing skills that are on your hands.
  • Keep up the practise. An achieved skill is a skill you can perform consistently without error or difficulty. The more hours you put into training the better you will become. 
Guidelines to Practicing at home
  • Find a work space that is free of clutter and breakables. Depending on the skill you are working on you should be able to lie down on the floor fully extended in all directions to ensure you do not collide with something in your house.
  • A yoga mat is recommended to help cushion your work surface for floor skills.
  • Always stretch before working on a new skill. Stretching increases your muscle elasticity, which helps reduce injury and will make developing gymnastics skills easier. Areas to focus on are shoulders, hips, wrists and ankles.
  • When attempting a new skill, have another person in the area to assist or watch what you are doing.
  • Know your limits. Skills should never be performed till pain occurs. Listen to your body and train smart.
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