Portage Family Resource Centre

The MFSC is proud to partner with your local Portage Family Resource Centre to help deliver important programs and services. The resource centre offers a variety of family based programs and are sure to have something for everyone! Check out their website to stay up to date and not miss any fun!


The Portage Military Family Service Centre (MFSC) has much to celebrate to begin 2020 by way of the continued relationship with two local community partners. The MOU between 3 CFFTS and the Portage Daycare (Southport site) allows for military families to be prioritized for spots if and as they become available at the Southport daycare facility. This partnership helps support increased opportunities for military spouses to secure employment and educational opportunities while they are posted at 3 CFFTS. In tandem, the MFSC continues to collaborate with Tupper Street Family Resource Centre (TSFRC) to ensure the successful delivery of mental health resources and programming space for military families in Portage la Prairie and surrounding area. Alongside family-centered programming, the TSFRC is equipped to handle counseling needs, with certified staff specialized in addictions and PTSD.

Building on the MFSC – Tupper partnership, Military Family Services (MFS), a division of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, has recently confirmed funding support for MFSC personnel to have office tenancy at Tupper Street Family Resource Centre. The recently approved funding will allow for Portage-positioned military family services through the use of an external funding mechanism, with no impact on the MFSC budget. Given the ongoing relationship between MFSC and Tupper for the delivery of mental health and related programs at no cost to military families, the opportunity to have both office and shared program space available for military families, as well as previously-serving ill and injured members/ families, in the city of Portage is an extremely positive outcome. Most importantly, the end state will be a more family-accessible MFSC, resulting in greater familial and community partner engagement in furtherance of positive outcomes.

Effective 03 Feb 2020, come by and visit us at the new MFSC office located at Tupper Street Family Resource Centre at 234 Princess Ave in Portage La Prairie.

Stay tuned for details about a community meet and greet/ grand opening at the Tupper facility in Spring!