Here for you when they're away

The Shilo MFRC Deployment Services offer military families information and support as they prepare for and persevere through a deployment or work-related absence. Our goal is to provide families with the tools and resources to overcome the challenges and adversities they may face during their deployment experience, with confidence and optimism. The deployment programs and services offered by the MFRC promote resiliency, long-term wellbeing and provide military families the opportunity to connect with their community and create strong support networks. We will continuously strive to better the programs and services we offer by being adaptive to community needs and provide opportunities for honest feedback.

Shilo MFRC Deployment Services include:

Who can access Deployment Services?
The MFRC understands that family units are unique so whether you are a married family of four, common law partners, siblings, parents of a member, or a family of one, we offer support and resources for all. 

When can I access Deployment Services?
Military families can access deployment services before or during any work-related absence, including courses and IR. Deployments are unique to the military lifestyle, so chances are if you are a military family you will experience a deployment or work-related absence. We encourage families to be proactive when accessing support, so get connected before your loved one heads out the door.

How can I access Deployment Services?
The MFRC and the units of CFB Shilo work together to ensure military members and their families are aware of the supports available to them. Before a deployment or work-related absence lasting 30 days or more, members are asked to complete the Shilo MFRC Family Information Form. This allows the MFRC Deployment Coordinator to contact the members primary contact and share with them the programs and services they are eligible for. Even if family members live elsewhere in Canada, our Deployment Team connects families with the MFRC closest to them. 

Haven't heard from us?

Sometimes we don’t always know who is away, so family members are encouraged to fill out the Family Information Form before their loved one leaves on exercise, course or domestic operation. Families can choose the level of support they require and the services they are interested in receiving. 

If you are experiencing a deployment or work-related absence and have not heard from a member of the MFRC Deployment Team, complete the Shilo MFRC Family Information Form and send it to alexa.kullberg@forces.gc.ca or reach out by phone at (204) 765-3000 ext.4555.