Deployment Childcare Vouchers

Deployment Childcare Vouchers


Deployment Childcare Vouchers

Solo parenting can be a challenge. Families experiencing a deployment for 30 days or more, who resides in the Shilo or surrounding area have access to 6 hours of free respite childcare per month in the Occasional Childcare Centre. Contact the Deployment Coordinator if you are interested in OCC vouchers.

How to use OCC vouchers: Contact the Deployment Coordinator to set up your OCC vouchers. One voucher provides families with 6 hours of childcare per month for the duration of the deployment. Contact the MFRC reception desk up to 2 weeks in advance to book a childcare spot for appointments, grocery runs or some scheduled down time. You can even call the day of to book in if room is available. When speaking with an MFRC staff to reserve an OCC childcare spot, please let the staff member know you have a deployment voucher. Our staff will keep track of your hours used and you will not be billed.

Families who support school aged children can access one youth voucher per month for the duration of the deployment. Families will be reimbursed for the cost of two youth programs per month at a maximum value of $30.00. Please contact the Deployment Coordinator if you are interested in receiving Youth Program vouchers.

How to use youth program vouchersYouth Program vouchers when issued by the Deployment Coordinator can be picked up at the MFRC reception desk. Families should continue to register and pay for programs before the deadline as usual then fill in the back of the voucher and return it to the MFRC at the end of the month. A reimbursement cheque will be issued to you within two weeks of receiving the voucher. Families will be notified when their reimbursement cheque is ready to be picked up at the MFRC.

Solo parenting can be a challenge, so it is important to take care of yourself. Families who live outside the Shilo area who are experiencing a deployment for 30 days or more, can be reimbursed for childcare used during their deployment. Offsite vouchers reimburse families up to $48.00 per month for home babysitters, kids programs or the MFRC Occasional Childcare Centre. One offsite voucher is available per month and can be sent to you in the mail or picked up at the MFRC. Contact the Deployment Coordinator with your mailing address if you are interested in receiving offsite childcare vouchers.

How to use offsite vouchers: To use your monthly offsite voucher, have the childcare provider or program coordinator fill out the back of the voucher, then mail it back to the MFRC or drop off it off during business hours. Please provide a return mailing address and we will then mail you a reimbursement cheque. Please allow two weeks for processing. Offsite vouchers will be accepted for reimbursement up to one month after member returns from deployment. 

Offsite vouchers are available for select adult programs offered by the MFRC. The MFRC will reimburse families $8.00 per hour for the duration of the program and up to a half hour travel time to and from the program. Individuals are responsible for booking and paying the childcare provider. Vouchers will be distributed at the program for those who request an offsite voucher in advance. Return the offsite program voucher to the MFRC for reimbursement.