Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS)

OSI is a non medical term used to describe a psychological injury resulting from operational duties preformed by a military member, which can include anxiety, depression, PTSD and other illnesses. This can greatly affect the quality of life for their family and loved ones.

OSISS can help you connect to a community with compassion, wisdom and experience. They facilitate moderated groups to help you connect with others in similar situations. If you are a family member living with someone who has such an injury and would like to connect with others for support; learn more about OSIs and your community resources; and how to better cope with the day to day challenges of living with someone with such an injury, please reach out for support.  

Family members belonging to the OSISS Family Peer Support Network are invited to
attend one-on-one and group sessions, guest speaker presentations and retreats aimed
at connecting and learning from others who are experiencing similar challenges.

All OSISS services are confidential, free and open to still serving and retired military families. No diagnosis is necessary for you to receive support.

For more information about Operational Stress Injury Social Support, click here.

Or contact:
Christine Howell, Family Peer Support Coordinator
204-765-3000 ext 4031
Fred Connor, Member OSISS Coordinator
204-765-3000 ext 4186