Tips for Addressing Morale Mail

Tips for Addressing Morale Mail

The outside of the parcel must have the following information:
  • The members name/ unit/ section/ operation/ appropriate address (generally to Belleville, ON)
  • In the top left-hand comer, the senders name and mailing address
  • In the bottom left hand corner, a general list of the parcel contents (ie. snacks, clothing, hygiene products)
  • Be sure to review all prohibited items before sending your parcel.

Filling out the Customs Declaration Form:
  • Blank spaces with a red star should be filled in.
  • Write your name and address in the FROM section of the form.
  • In the TO section of the form, fill in the exact same member information and mailing address that was written on the front of the parcel. 
  • In the space indicated for telephone number, write the members unit/section (if applicable) and the name of the operation. 
  • Provide a general list of the parcel contents (ie. Snacks, games, cards, hygiene products) including quantity of each and value.
  • You do not need to fill in the weight of the items.
  • Remember to sign, date and total the values in the bottom section.
  • You should also check the box that says GIFT.
  • Peal off backing and secure to TOP or SIDE of parcel.
  • Remove top page and keep for future reference.