Activities & Workshops

Deployment Activities & Workshops


Activities & Workshops

The Shilo MFRC's definition of deployment:
Any occasion where your partner is away for 30 days or more on; course, IR, training or operational duty, regardless of location.

Contact Alexa at 204-765-3000 ext. 4555 or by email at for all deployment inquiries.

Current Programs:

Deployment Date Night: Pyjama Pizza Party!!!
No cooking. No dishes. Enjoy a meal on us! Join Alexa & Jenn at the MFRC while sporting your most comfortable and warmest of pyjamas for an evening of food, chit chat and games. 
Friday, November 20
6:00-8:00 p.m.
Adults only 
Register by Friday, November 13
*offsite childcare vouchers available
Register by noon on Wednesday, October 14 through the MFRC monthly newsletter

Resilience Recognition Program
The Resilience Recognition Program awards military families a gift of appreciation to recognize the strength and perseverance they demonstrate during a deployment or frequent separation from their family.
Military families who are the primary contact of a CAF member, who has been away from the home for work related purposes for a minimum of 120 non-consecutive days beginning October 1, 2019 are eligible to register for the program. An MFRC Family Information Form or a military CFTPO document is required. The MFRC may contact you for further information regarding eligibility.
Fill out the registration form through the MFRC monthly newsletter
Do you know someone who has persevered through a deployment or frequent separation but does not meet the eligibility requirements? Nominate them for the Resilience Recognition Program by contacting the MFRC Deployment Coordinator at 
*questions about eligibility, contact Alexa at 

Road to Mental Readiness: Phase III – Pre Deployment Workshop 
A mental health workshop specifically for families preparing for a deployment. Why is it one minute you can’t stand the thought of your loved one leaving and the next minute you’re kicking them out the door? We will discuss mental health as a continuum, the effects stress can have on a person’s wellness and provide you tools for healthy coping. Families are encouraged to take this workshop prior to their loved one leaving. Schedule a virtual one-on-one session at your convenience by contacting

Road to Mental Readiness: Phase V - Reunion & Reintegration Workshop 
Recognizes the challenges you experienced throughout your separation and celebrates your successes. Are both excited and nervous for your loved one to come home? We will discuss the effects that stress has on the body and provide you with tools to prepare for when your loved one is home. Schedule a virtual one-on-one session at your convenience by contacting

Morale Mail Update
Canada Post is now accepting morale mail and shipping it for free! Please take morale mail parcels and letters to a Canada Post office for delivery. The MFRC does not accept letters or parcels addressed to “Any Canadian Armed Forces Soldier.”
Effective October 13, 2020 to January 8, 2021

Visit the MORALE MAIL page of this website for addresses, prohibited items lists, tips and more!