Parcel Service

Parcel Service


Parcel Service Morale Mail

Send your loved one a Morale Mail parcel free through the Shilo MFRC. All parcels must be addresses to Bellville Ontario where they are collected and shipped overseas. A packing station is set up in the MFRC community lounge which includes boxes, wrapping supplies and Customs Declaration Forms for your convenience. If you require assistance with your parcel just stop by the front desk and someone will help you! Parcels collected at the MFRC leave once a week to Belleville, ON.

Drop-off Locations   
MFRC Reception 
Building T-114, Shilo 
Open Mon to Fri 
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Brandon Armories, 11th street entrance, second floor, room 213
1116 Victoria Ave.
Open Tues to Fri 
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Parcel Guidelines  
  • Weight: Maximum 20 Kg (approx 44 lbs)
  • Size: Two conditions must be met regarding size:  
  • Maximum length is one meter (approx 39"); 
  • Maximum length plus girth is two meters (approx 79")
  • The definition of girth = width + height + width + height
  • Include a list of the contents in the bottom left corner of the parcel
  • Completely fill out a customs declaration form (addresses, contents, gift, value, date, signature) and attach it to the parcel
General Prohibited Items  
  • Alcohol, beer and wine
  • Tobacco products, cigarettes and cigars 
  • Weapons, including replicas knives
  • Explosives, radioactive materials or ammunition including inert ammunition
  • Matches
  • Flammable liquids or solids
  • Compressed gas, aerosol cans (i.e. Shaving cream, air fresheners, etc.)
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Corrosive fluids 
  • Obscene magazines or pictures
  • Drugs 
  • Perishable items
  • Lithium Batteries (unless mounted in a device)
Prohibited items can vary between countries. Please be sure to consult the host country’s restrictions before sending a parcel. A list of host country restrictions can be found on the Canada Post website.

For a list of overseas mailing addresses and more information on mailing parcels overseas, visit the National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces website.

Canada Post
Throughout the year Canada Post with periodically send Moral Mail and letters addressed to Belleville for free. Your local Canada Post should have more information or contact the MFRC Deployment Coordinator.