Second Language Training

Second Language Training


Second Language Training

Second Language Training 
Are you interested in studying English or French virtually? Please contact Christine, our SLT Coordinator by email at for more information.

Language Learning with Netflix
Improve your skills on your own, effectively and enjoyably, by watching films and series in the language you study.
  • Subtitles are shown in two languages, allowing you to compare the original audio and text with a translation in your language.
  • The extension allows you to listen to subtitles one at a time, and to change the playback speed.
  • There's a pop-up dictionary, and the extension suggest the most important words for you to learn.
Check out their special catalogue to find films and series in the language you study. Their extension runs on Google Chrome on desktop and laptop computers running Windows and MacOS. You will need an active Netflix subscription.

Recommended as one of the best apps for English educators and learners, SpeakingPal allow users to record and compare their speech with a native English speaker. This amazing app combines video with automatic speech recognition software that tests your English speaking skills. You just have to speak with a video character and get immediate response on how well you said and pronounced all your English words. In short, this app basically understands and rates your speech.

Classics2Go Collection (French) 
Reading in a language you are trying to learn is a must. That’s why this free app is so great.
The French Classics2Go Collection has a large selection of fairy tales and other simple, classic children’s stories that you can read at an early stage in your French learning. Not only are these stories familiar, making the vocab and grammar concepts at play easy to digest, but Classics2Go even cross-links with its English app so you can read the versions side by side for a refresher. Plus, once you are getting more fluent, you can easily explore the library for some more complex books like Les Trois Mousquetaires or Madame Bovary.

Duolingo is a free language-learning platform that includes a language-learning website and app along with a crowdsourced text translation platform and a language proficiency assessment center. Duolingo is ad-free and offers all its language courses free of charge. The language-learning website and app offer over 40 different language courses across 23 languages. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows 8 and 10 platforms with over 100 million registered users across the world.

CBC Radio Canada
CBC Radio Canada has a free resource for French & English second language acquistion.