Tactical Athlete Training Program


Tactical Athlete Training Program

The Tactical Athlete Training Program (TATP) was developed to aid personnel in obtaining a high level of fitness specific to physically demanding tasks. The program is intended to meet and exceed the physical fitness needs of military personnel. The intensity of the program is higher than other programs offered in the Canadian Forces. It is advisable that the program should not be started without first establishing a good base level of fitness. The TATP was based on physically demanding tasks that combat personnel may be expected to perform as part of their job duties. It is designed to be exciting, challenging, adaptable and operationally focused. 

TATP develops and maintain 3 types of fitness: 

1) Physical Fitness – a broad fitness foundation (cardio respiratory, muscular endurance, strength and power). 
2) Functional Fitness – focuses on developing functional movement patterns and skills. 
3) Operational Fitness – operationally specific task training with operational equipment. 

Course layout includes; 3 consecutive 8 hour days consisting of theory and practical portions throughout. 

Theory topics that will be covered include components of fitness, modes of training, warm up, cool down, core strength, exercise safety and technique. Practical topics include an explanation, demonstration and practice session of the following exercises: 
1. Body Weight Squat
12. Hang Clean Shrug
2. Back Squat 13. Hang Clean High Pull
3. Front Squat 14. Clean High Pull
4. Overhead Squat 15. Drop Squat
5. Shoulder Press 16. Power Hang Clean
6. Push Press 17. Box Jumps
7. Deadlift 18. Thruster
8. Stiff-leg Deadlift 19. Kettlebell Swing
9. Romanian Deadlift 20. Rope Climb
10. Sumo Deadlift 21. Speed, Agility, Quickness
11. Upright Row  

Please bring water and come dressed appropriately in PT strip and proper footwear. 

For more information, please contact the Fitness Coordinator at 204-765-3000 ext. 3899.