Programs Offered

Programs Offered


Programs Offered

PSP Reconditioning Programs

The PSP Reconditioning Program supports Canadian Forces members as they recover from illness or injury through customized training plans and access to sports. The Program builds upon the principles established by the CF Health and Physical Fitness Strategy and is designed to help ill and injured members as they recover, supporting them in returning to active duties and improving their quality of life as quickly and safely as possible. The Reconditioning staff work in partnership with the IPSC, Soldier On, CF Health Services, and the member’s unit; all of whom provide dedicated support to soldiers recovering from illnesses and injuries. This shared approach ensures a seamless transition between physical rehabilitation and physical fitness reconditioning, which is crucial to developing personnel’s functional independence and returning to active duties.

The PSP Reconditioning team will work with members and their units to provide reconditioning and injury prevention and screening to maximize soldier readiness. Please contact us to discuss strategies that will best suit you or your unit.

For information on, or enrollment in any Reconditioning Programs please contact the Shilo Reconditioning Manager at local 3151.

Return to Duty 

It is the responsibility of CAF commanders to support the recovery of members after an illness or injury. The Reconditioning Program aims to assist units by providing specialized physical training for members who have an illness or injury. The program works with the MO, unit RTD reps, IPSC RTD Coordinator and member’s supervisors to create training plans to assist a member in recovery and re-integration to the unit after injuries/illness. These training plans focus individual limitations, recovery, meeting universality of service and trade specific job requirements. This program serves as the bridge from CAF Rehabilitation programs (directed by medical personnel) and safe return to unit PT. The program uses a series of test-retest protocols, job specific demands and both subjective and objective measurements to monitor progress and provide feedback to units and medical personnel. 

Any member with restrictions limiting ability to complete job related tasks qualifies for the program. Members on TCats and chits in excess of 60days are recommended. Members, the unit, IPSC RTD coord or the MO may refer to the Reconditioning Manager to start in the program.

Time commitment varies by individual and complexity

Rehabilitation for Performance

R4P is a graduated quadrant based exercise program for upper body, lower body and spinal musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries. The theory of the program is that the high rate of MSK injuries in CAF can be attributed to failure to appropriately recondition injured tissues to a level able to withstand the demands of the member’s trade. As such this program partners with physical therapy to train a member from the early phases of injury recovery, through re-gaining full mobility and strength to performance based activities of military life.

Members with MSK limitations may be enrolled in the program based on assessment and referral from a base physiotherapist.

Time commitment  
Upper Quadrant = 11 weeks (3 workouts/wk = 33 workouts)
Lower Quadrant = 7 weeks (4-5 workouts/wk = 32 workouts)
Spinal = 10 weeks (3 workouts/wk = 30 workouts)
All workouts are approximately 1 hour

Return to Ruck/FORCE/FORCE Combat

CAF requirements for universality of services and deployment fitness require members to be able to complete the FORCE and FORCE combat tests. Often members who have been injured have spent a significant amount of time with unfit FORCE and unfit Ruck MELs. The performance requirements of these tests after an injury may be intimidating and cumbersome for some soldiers. The reconditioning staff will work with members/small groups to train soldier fitness and confidence for completion of these tests. The programs include practice test sessions, test specific skills and exercise as well as individualized plans to address areas of concern.

Those with unfit Ruck/FORCE restrictions will need medical support.
Members with MEL’s recently removed can be directly enrolled.
Enrollment can be done by member, unit or MO.
*members who have failed FORCE testing are enrolled in SPTP with the Fitness Dept automatically.

Time commitment average 10weeks

Customized programs

For members who have had illness or injuries that continue to provide challenges customized training plans are available. Members will complete an intake session with our staff, including some baseline fitness testing, after which a personalized training plan will be created to address the areas of concern.

Chronic Pain Management

For members or families dealing with chronic pain situations in the home. This Stanford University program is designed to teach individuals and their caregivers to actively manage their pain on their own and effectively communicate their needs with others.


Reconditioning Manager – Brandi Sheppard – Local 3151

Physical Exercise Specialist – Janelle Boyd – Local 3866