Tobacco Cessation

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The Butt Out Program

The Canadian Armed Forces tobacco cessation initiatives
Research shows the best success rates for tobacco cessation comes from a combination of behaviour modification, support, and medications to increase cessation success. Butt Out gives specific guidance to help change behaviour associated with tobacco use by providing motivational emails and regular contact throughout the program. These emails and support reinforce your decision to quit using tobacco.

Why Butt Out works:

  • nicotine is highly addictive;
  • research shows that nicotine addiction is easier to overcome when you use more than one approach to help you quit;
  • Butt Out is one of several tools you can choose to help stop tobacco use;
  • behaviour modification is the basis of this program;
  • coupled with ongoing support and nicotine replacement therapy such as gum, lozenges, patches, and other tools. Butt Out increases your chance of success in quitting tobacco use
You may be eligible to get nicotine replacement therapies or medications at DND.

What Butt Out helps you do:
  • learn proven strategies to reinforce your decision to quit using tobacco
  • discover and apply techniques to cut back, and then quit your tobacco use
  • find out about tobacco cessation aids to determine which one is most appropriate for you
  • analyze your pattern of tobacco use
  • pinpoint your triggers for using tobacco
  • plan and map out different actions you can take instead of using tobacco
  • choose and practice coping strategies that have been proven to work
  • learn how to manage the stress of quitting
  • prepare for high-risk situations to avoid relapse
  • address concerns about weight gain
  • create a plan to remain tobacco-free for a healthier lifestyle
Butt Out is available as a self-directed program. All Bases/Wings have access to the Butt Out program, regardless of size.
  • It can accommodate individual schedules including when one is on training or has commitments outside their Base or Wing.
  • It supports individuals who are motivated to work through their smoking cessation efforts independently

Butt Out was developed by CAF Health Services, Directorate of Force Health Protection as part of Strengthening the Forces (STF) health promotion programs for the CAF.

For more information on Butt Out, contact the Health Promotion Office:
Phone: 204-765-3000 ext. 3868

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