Angry man

Managing Angry Moments


Managing Angry Moments


Anger is an emotion. An average person experiences one anger related incident each day. An average person also experiences approximately 23 episodes of annoyance related circumstances each week (Averill 1983). Physical aggression occurs in 10% of anger incidents (Meichenbaum, 2001 p.26).

What is MAM all about?

The purpose of the MAM workshop is to examine and address issues of anger (while they are still manageable) in order to prevent the possibility of their escalation to physical or verbal aggression.

MAM is a prevention-oriented psycho-educational workshop that is based on best practices effective in helping participants identify personal anger generating situations and applying learned skills to successfully manage these events.

Is it for you?

MAM is for any individual who seeks to effectively manage anger in the face of triggering circumstances. It is designed to meet the needs of a non-violent CF population.

What are the benefits of participating?

Participants who complete the MAM workshop experience improved relationships in the workplace, at home and in the community, enhanced team cohesion, more effective problem solving skills and reduced levels of stress and anxiety when faced with anger generating events and circumstances.

Why offer a workshop on managing anger?

Until the introduction of MAM, CF members who wanted to manage their anger more effectively had few options. In the CF, there were two programs - Mental Health Treatment or Alternate Dispute Resolution. Mental health treatment focuses its intervention efforts on domestic violence issues and alternate dispute resolution focuses its activities on workplace conflict.

The MAM Workshop

The “Managing Angry Moments” course is an interactive, educational tool to help you identify situations in your daily life that cause anger. You will also learn how to apply new skills on how to safely address these situations.

This course is designed as a prevention tool and is not intended to be used for anger-management counselling or treatment.

The “Managing Angry Moments” course consists of 7 two-hour modules filled with information and strategies to manage anger:

  • Understanding anger
  • Anger, stress and mental fitness
  • Trigger thoughts, coping throughts and strategies
  • Reframing thinking errors
  • Assertive Communication: Resolving conflicts while managing anger
  • Managing anger with foregiveness
  • Maintaining positive changes
Our programs are open to all military members and their families (Must be over 18 yrs),
as well as DND/NPF employees.

For more information, please contact the Health Promotion office at 204-765-3000 ext. 3868/3867.