Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness


Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness

Mental Fitness & Suicide Awareness

The “Mental Fitness and Suicide Awareness” course prepares CAF supervisors to be aware of suicide and to practice suicide intervention.  It’s a tool to improve your knowledge about mental fitness and suicide and to develop valuable life and leadership skills. This course will also allow you to practice suicide intervention using industry-tested models such as the “Ask, Care, Escort” (ACE) Intervention Model. 

The “Mental Fitness and Suicide Awareness” course is made up of 6 one-hour modules:

  • Module 1: Mental fitness 101
  • Module 2: Mental injuries and stigma: Beliefs and attitudes
  • Module 3: Mental fitness exercises
  • Module 4: Suicide awareness
  • Module 5: The “Ask, Care, Escort” (ACE) Model
  • Module 6: Mental fitness and leadership

Our programs are open to all military members and their families (must be over 18 yrs), as well as DND/NPF employees.

For more information, please contact the Health Promotion office at 204-765-3000 ext. 3868/3867.