GSHl Membership

GSH Membership


GSH Membership

Category Type Yearly Monthly Weekly Daily
Current CAF
Foreign Service Members Medically Released
Single $0 $0 $0 $0
Regular Single $72 $6 Allotment
Military ONLY
$10 $3
  Family $144 $12 Allotment
Military ONLY
Ordinary Single $84 $30 or $7 Payment
Plan Option Below
$10 $3
  Family $168 $14 Payment Plan 
Option Below
Associate Single $125 $30 or $10.42 Payment 
Plan Option Below
$10 $3
  Family $240 $20 Payment Plan 
Option Below
Serving CAF/Reservists/Foreign Military Members and Medically Released CAF Members In  The First Year:
  • No charge
Regular Members:
  • Families of current serving CAF Regular and Reserve Force members
  • Families of current Foreign Military currently serving with the CAF
  • Veterans (former members of the CAF who successfully completed BMQ and have been honorably discharged)
Ordinary Members:
  • Current DND public servants, staff of NPF, staff of MFRC, staff of DRDC and DCC and their families
  • Current serving RCMP and their families
  • Current serving Honorary Colonels/Captains (N) and Honorary Lieutenant- Colonels/Commanders and their families
  • Former staff of NPF (must be receiving a pension) and their families
  • Former RCMP (in receipt of an annuity) and their families
Associate Members:
  • Anyone who does not fall under the ordinary or regular category
  • Cash, debit or credit
  • Payment plan options: bank account deduction or credit card deduction
  • Pay allotment (Military ONLY)
  • Pay deduction (full-time NPF employees ONLY
To get a membership, visit us at the GSH Front Desk.

Front Desk Staff Hours:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7am-4pm
Tuesday/Thursday 7am-9pm

For more information, give us a call at 204-765-3000 ext. 3889.