About Shilo

About Shilo


About CFB Shilo

CFB Shilo is home to the First Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (1RCHA) and the Second Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (2PPCLI). The Base is also home to lodger units such as 3 Cdn Div TC C Coy, 3 CDSG SS Det Shilo, and 11 CF Health Services Centre. The RCA Museum attracts military history enthusiasts from far and wide.

In addition to the many Canadian regular force and reserve soldiers who train at Shilo, troops from several foreign countries, including Germany, France, Denmark and the United States, have trained here.

Germany, in particular, trained more than 140,000 soldiers from 1974 to 2000 under the direction of the German Army Training Establishment Shilo (GATES). Many signs of the 27-year legacy left by the Germans remain at Shilo and throughout the southwest Manitoba region.

The training area of CFB Shilo covers almost 40,000 hectares, an area approximately 15 kilometres by 30 kilometres. It consists of a unique mix of open prairie, sand dunes and woodlands which, when combined with a wide range of seasonal temperatures, makes Shilo one of the best training areas in the world. Due to the unique nature of most of the training area, increased awareness has been placed on protecting the environment. Environmentally friendly training practices are constantly being studied, developed and monitored.

As the largest employer in southwestern Manitoba, CFB Shilo has a substantial economic impact on the regional economy, including the City of Brandon.

With a population of about 1,400 military personnel and their families, the Base is completely autonomous with accommodations for more than 600 families and quarters for close to 400 single personnel. This Base maintains its own water and sewage and sports and recreational facilities.