Archery Club

Archery Club


Archery Club

CFB Shilo Archery Club

Participation in target archery is a fun, relaxing, and affordable way to develop hand eye coordination, physical form, concentration, patience, and discipline, in addition to calm, mature, safe and responsible behavior. 

“A good archer is known not by his arrows but by his aim.” — Thomas Fuller

It is an activity which can be practiced far into our senior years as well as together as a family, and can be utilized in other activities such as competition archery, hunting and bow fishing. Proficiency in marksmanship with bows is considered greatly beneficial to the physical, mental, and character development of children and adults alike. 

The CFB Shilo Archery Club has an elected executive board who oversee the day to day operations of the club in collaboration with the PSP recreation staff. The CFB Shilo Archery Club is affiliated with the Archers and Bowhunters of Manitoba (ABAM) which is a provincial governing body for all archery activities. The club will also be hosting through ABAM provincially sanctioned 3D Tournaments.

Hours of Operation:

Thursdays & Sundays at L25
Kids        1830-1930
Adults    1930-2030
  • Provides access to club targets and equipment if needed and is for adult members.
  • Provides access to club targets and equipment if needed and provides membership for up to 2 adults and 2 children.
Annual Fee Structure
Membership Types Costs
Adult $20                
Family $60
Archery Club Waiver

2018-2020 Executive Board Members
President Tracy Lambert
Vice President Diane Mitchell
Treasurer Jonathan Gagnon
Secretary Aidin Mason

For more information, please contact Tracy Lambert by email