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Karate Club

CFB Shilo Karate Club

A martial arts enthusiast community is a group of people who share a common interest in improving fitness levels, mental strength and discipline.

“Karate is not about winning over others. It is about winning over one's self.” – David Walker

The CFB Shilo Karate club offer students an opportunity to be examined for their belt levels at least twice a year and to go to tournaments in Manitoba and nationals in Canada. We are affiliated with the IKD JKA Brandon and area Karate Club, as well as Karate Manitoba, and IKD Manitoba. CFB Shilo Karate club invites participants of all ages to join. Karate offers a variety of self-defense techniques and is the perfect practice for getting the most out of life physically, mentally, and spiritually. Karate is a discipline, a fitness regimen, and a form of self-defense that's useful for all ages

The CFB Shilo Karate Club has an elected executive board who oversee the day to day operations of the club in collaboration with the PSP recreation staff. The CFB Shilo Karate Club instructor, Sensei Ben Thompson is a 2 Dan Black Belt and teaches Shotokan Karate.

 Hours of Operation:

 Tuesdays    1830-1930
  • REGULAR MEMBER: current or retired Canadian Armed Forces member and their family
  • ORDINARY MEMBER: current or retired civilian employee of the Canadian Armed Forces
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER: civilian with no affiliation with the Canadian Armed Forces 
 Annual Fee Structure:
Membership Types Costs
Regular $250
Ordinary $280
Associate $300           
Karate Club Waiver

2020-2021 Executive Board Members

President Jeremy Schmidt jschmidtmb@yahoo.com
Vice President Vacant  
Treasurer Peggy Blakely peggy_maman@hotmail.com
Secretary Vacant  

If you have any questions about joining, please email shilokarateclub@hotmail.com or find us on Facebook Shilo Karate Club.