Trail Club

Trail Club


Trail Club

A trail enthusiast community is a group of people who share a common interest in exploring the outdoors and while preserving nature.

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous” - Aristotle

The Shilo Trail Club seeks to spread the love and knowledge of hiking and backpacking to both military members and civilians based out of Shilo. Our Club members will be able to share in this technical, physically demanding, and confidence building community and welcome all levels of experience. Practical skill lessons will be provided by an experienced backpacker with a focus on individual capability and empowerment.

Goals & What to Expect

1.    Building a community based on shared interest.
2.    Encouraging a healthy lifestyle through fitness and perseverance.
3.    Enable good hiking practices while supporting conservation of the natural environment.

Weekly, either a remote or in-person skills and/or knowledge lesson will be presented as well as important information regarding future trips and outings.  With topics building upon a strong foundation on Leave No Trace principles, members will gain understanding and confidence in their capabilities.  The Club will engage in open discussion in a group setting free from criticism and bias.

Monthly, a set of challenges will be given and a group outing will take place.  This is where the lessons learned may be put into practice in an observed setting.  During this time, skills may be exercised and hands-on instruction provided.  Ranging from day hikes to overnight backcountry camping, activities will be varied and diverse.  Members are always encouraged to experience hiking/backpacking on their own - to hike their own hike.  
Yearly, a longer trip (3-5 days) will be planned and available to annual members.  The intent being taking the members further into developing their potential and embarking on bucket list trails.  

2PPCLI and 1RCHA have agreed to allow club members work time to participate in club outings.

Membership Fees

Membership tiers are open to the following:

REGULAR Member: current or retired Canadian Armed Forces member and their family
ORDINARY member: current or retired civilian employee of the Canadian Armed Forces
ASSOCIATE member: civilian with no affiliation with the Canadian Armed Forces

Annual Fee Structure: 
Tier Description Fee Type
Weekend Warrior Access to weekly lessons/discussions & monthly outings. $15 Monthly
Wanderer Access to all Weekend Warrior Tier items  and yearly group outings. $150 Annually
Nomad Access to all Tier items plus additional benefits including equipment purchase and rental options. $180 Annually
2020-2022 Executive Members
Position Name Email Phone # (204)
President Sgt Caitlin Yacucha 765-3000-6595
Vice President Bdr Jamieson Baird 765-3000-4427
Treasurer Bdr Jamieson Baird 765-3000-4427
Secretary Mrs. Kirstin Greer 765-3000-4567