About the Council

About the Council


About the Council


The SCC is established under the authority of QR&O 4.61 Recreation Programs, CFAO 50-21 Married Quarters Councils, A-PS-110-001/AG-002 Morale & Welfare Programs in the Canadian Forces Volume 1, and the CFB Shilo Base Commander. It shall operate in accordance with regulations and orders governing the operation of community councils in the Canadian Forces.


The SCC shall operate as a representative body to work for the betterment of the quality of life at CFB Shilo. It shall serve to bring together all segments of community interest and to provide a medium for cooperative study, community planning and action, to enhance life in the community. Furthermore, the Council will act as a conduit between the Base/civil authorities and the military community in Shilo for information and matters of concern.


The SCC shall be responsive to the military community and responsible to the Base Commander.


The SCC shall be composed of the following members:

a.  Mayor, nominated by Council, appointed by, and responsible, to the Base Commander;

b.  Deputy Mayor,  nominated by Council, appointed by, and in the absence of the Mayor, responsible to the Base Commander;

c.  Secretary, Community Facilitator, elected by Council;

d.  Treasurer, Community Facilitator, elected by Council;

e.  Ward Councillors, two volunteers from each Ward, elected at Council;

f.  Publicity Coordinator, Community Facilitator, elected by Council; and

g.  Chairperson of Special Events Committee either a volunteer or appointed by the Base Commander/Mayor;

h.  Ex-officio Members:

     (1)  Shilo MFRC Representative;

     (2)  PSP Representative;

     (3)  CFHA Representative;

     (4)  MP Representative;

     (5)  CE Representative;

     (6)  Shilo Stag Representative; and

     (7)  Rural Municipality of Cornwallis Representative.

Council Members
Position Name Contact
President Capt Jason Smits 204-765-3000 ext. 3072
Vice President Vacant  
Ward 1 Kathryn Farquharson kathrynfarq@gmail.com
Ward 1 Vacant  
Ward 2 Suzette Spence suzettespence6889@hotmail.com
Ward 2 Vacant  
Ward 3 Robert Houle houle08@hotmail.com
Ward 3 Vacant  
Ward 4 Kathryn Farquharson kathrynfarq@gmail.com
Ward 4 Vacant  
Ward 5 Vacant  
Ward 5 Vacant  
Ward 6 Julie Mazsa 204-793-5752
Dog Park OPI Sgt Scott Aikens 204-765-3000 ex. 3597

Ward Councillors 

Ward Councillors are the primary method by which the Community's residents can propose and action their needs and requirements. Ward Councillors for Wards shall bring before the Council matters of particular concern in their respective Wards and shall seek to advance the general well being of the entire Community; and cooperate and assist the other Ward Councillors in their various functions. Ward Councillors shall make themselves known within their Ward and shall introduce themselves to new residents. Two Ward Councillors are elected per Ward to allow Ward residents ample opportunity to address their needs to the wider Community. Ward Councillors are expected to be fully cognisant and comply with all the SCC policies and procedures as stated in the by-laws, more specifically; the tasks of the Ward Councillor are as follows:

a.  are responsible to become fully aware of the goals and objectives of the Community Council and strive to assist in achieving these;

b.  are responsible to become familiar with the by-laws of the Community Council and strive to abide by these;

c.  are responsible to attend all regular, general meetings to represent his/her ward;

d.  are responsible to decide on the suitability of plans and policies submitted before Council;

e.  are responsible to attend, chair, and assist on committees when requested; 
f.  are responsible to aid in the dissemination of Community Council literature, policy, plans, etc., when requested;

g.  inform ward residents of the current status/projects of the SCC; and

h.  are responsible on the completion of term, affect a proper turnover to the incoming Ward Councillor.

PMQ Wards 

Ward 1 - Kingston, Leeside, Royal, Sapper, The Packway.
Ward 2 - Alfriston, Sennybridge.
Ward 3 - Kingston, Lundy's
Ward 4 - Esquimalt, Frontenac, Kingston, Larkhill. 
Ward 5 - Citadel, Petawawa, Kingston, Royal.
Ward 6 - Kingston, Royal, Stonehenge, Ubique, Woolwich.

PMQ Ward Map

Upcoming Meetings


For more information, please call the Community Council Secretary at 204-765-3000 ext 3588.