At Home Body Weight Workout (4 week program)

At Home Body Weight Workouts (4 week program)

4 Week Total Bodyweight Workout Plan 


  • Consists of 3 weekly workouts. Can be performed with rest days in-between (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or on consecutive days for more of a challenge. Depending on fitness level, you can complete each workout once or twice weekly. 

  • No equipment required. All you need is a way to keep time (i.e. stopwatch or phone).  

  • Always choose form over speed. Some of these workouts will encourage you to push yourself, but you must ensure good form before you try to increase your speed. 

  • Perform the same warm-up and cool-down for each workout.  

  • Every workout is self-paced. Push yourself and have fun! 





Knee tucks 

10 total (5 per side) 


10 total 

Spiderman stretch 

6 total (3 per side) 

Arm circles 

10 forward/10 reverse 

Arm swings 

10 horizontal/10 vertical 

Side bends 

6 total (3 per side) 





Seated hamstring stretch 

30s hold per side 

Side lying quadriceps stretch 

30s hold per side 

Lying knee to chest stretch 

30s hold per side 

Arm cross body stretch 

30s hold per side 

Arms behind back chest stretch 

30-45s hold 

Side bends 

15s hold per side 


Workout #1: Lower Body 

  • Workout is performed in a 4-minute TABATA format. The general idea is that each exercise is performed for 20s with a 10s rest in-between. You flip flop between a pair of exercises for 4 minutes (8 rounds of 20s work/10s rest), take a minute rest, and then move on to a new exercise pair. 

  • Perform each pair of exercises for 4 minutes each – this constitutes 1 round (should take about 15 minutes with rests).  

  • Perform 2-4 rounds of all exercises. Start with 2 rounds and work up to 3 rounds over the course of 4 weeks. 

Exercise Pair 


Sumo squat + Alternating reverse lunge  

Wide stance during sumo squat (keep knees behind toes)/90-degree knee position during lunges.  


Wall sit + Glute bridge  


90-degree knee position during wall sit and hold arms straight out in front of chest/put weight in heels during glute bridge.  


Bulgarian split squats (right leg) + Bulgarian split squats (left leg)  


Use a low step/chair/couch for back foot (or just keep back foot on the ground as an easier alternative), 90-degree knee position, keep knees behind toes.  


Workout #2: Abs + Core 

  • Workout is performed in a HIIT (interval training) format. Each exercise listed will be performed for 60s with a 20s rest in-between exercises. Complete all exercises in the order listed (this constitutes 1 round, which takes approximately 6-7 minutes with rests).  

  • Perform 3-5 rounds of all exercises. Again, start with 3 rounds and progress over 4 weeks. 

  • Keep in mind that you can take rests during a 60s interval if need be (keep the time rolling) – just practice taking less rest breaks over time.  



Mountain climbers (slow)  


Keep back in tabletop position, squeeze core and exhale as knee meets chest, perform slow and controlled.  


Scissor kicks  


Place hands under butt to support the lower back. Don’t forget to breathe.  


Bird dog (alternating)  


Very slow and controlled, focus on balance and engaging the core.  


Side planks  


30s per side on this exercise with no rests in-between. Keep forearm on floor. Can be performed from toes or knees.  


Leg lifts 


Place hands under butt to support the lower back. Don’t forget to breathe.  


Workout #3: Upper Body 

  • Workout is performed in a superset format (meaning you complete one exercise after another back to back). You flip flop between a pair of exercises for a specified number of sets and reps before moving on to a new exercise pair.  

  • This workout is not performed in rounds, so once an exercise pair is complete, it is done for the entirety of the workout. 

  • Perform each exercise pair for 3-4 sets. Again, start with 3 sets and work up to 4 sets over time.  




Plank push-ups + Inchworm shoulder tap  


Plank push-ups: 10-12 reps (5-6 per side) 

Inchworm shoulder taps: 8-10 reps 

Alternate sides on plank push-up/2 shoulder taps (1 per side) for each inchworm. 

Push-ups w. twist + Superman w. shoulder squeeze 


Push-ups w. twist: 8-12 reps 

Superman: 8-12 reps 

Alternate sides on twist and perform a wide base push-up (hands wider than shoulders)/lift arms and legs at same time on superman. 


Shoulder wall slides + Bear crawl plank hold  


Shoulder wall slides: 8-12 reps 

Bear crawl plank hold: 45-60s 

Keep hands shoulder width apart, pointed towards ceiling and keep entire forearm on wall/knees in line with hips and only an inch off the floor for bear crawl.