CFS St. John's Health & Wellness Award

Reference:  MARL 6600-1 (N00) 15 October 2012 - MARLANT Health and Wellness Strategy

Recognizing the impact that unhealthy lifestyle practices and compromised health status can have on the workplace and operational readiness, the Commander of MARLANT has taken a comprehensive approach to health promotion and disease prevention by directing the creation of the MARLANT Health and Wellness Strategy (MHWS).

One goal of this directive is to enable all personnel to strengthen the culture of health and wellness across the Formation, in order to maintain and sustain long term commitments to health and fitness within the work force.
As part of this initiative, CFS St. John’s created a local Health and Wellness Award.  This annual award is presented to a CFS St. John’s CAF member or family member who takes an active role in their overall health and well-being and makes contributions in their community.

Presented in recognition of Sgt Michael Lynk’s commitment to his overall health and well-being, volunteerism, and mental health advocacy.

Sgt Michael Lynk is dedicated to his overall health and takes a holistic view as to what health encompasses. Sgt Lynk not only puts in the hard work on his physical fitness but also does the same with other pillars of health. Sgt Lynk increases his own knowledge of mental health by availing of education opportunities and uses this knowledge to help those he interacts with both in and out of uniform.

Sgt Lynk is a very positive individual who continues to strive to better himself and those around him.