Walk Canada Challenge!

Walk Canada Challenge! Gander Vs. St.John's Vs. Goose Bay

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Walk Canada Challenge  

As our Newfoundland summer slowly begins and with the launch of CFMWS’ June is Recreation Month, Health Promotion and FS&R would like to introduce the Walk Canada Challenge!  It is exactly what it sounds like…walk across Canada!

This Challenge extends to the three NL based military communities.  The Challenge will see St. John’s, Gander and Goose Bay compete to see who gets the furthest across our country. 

The Challenge  

The goal of the program is to log your kilometers from walking/running and see how far across our country you can make it.  

Register as an indvidual and form teams of 4 people.  If you do not have a team, you will be placed on a team.  You can enter a team of 5 but the average will be taken to represent 4 participants. 

Designate a team captian that will contact Paul with your team name (let’s get creative here!) and members and who will also be responsible for reporting  your teams total km/steps weekly to Paul.  The HP team will record and update your stats and where you have reached on the map.  

Bragging Rights  

The challenge within a challenge…  

Which element will come out on top?  There is a lot of back and forth between elements in the CAF so let’s do our part to settle this friendly rivalry!  

Teams will be competing against each other for placings but on a bigger scale 5 CDSG St. John’s will be competing against 9 Wing Gander and 5 Wing Goose bay for bragging rights!  

Walking/running is a great way to improve your overall fitness and health and an opportunity to get outside…while following physical distancing guidelines.  

Remember that you don’t have to physically walk with team members but can motivate/guilt each other into getting your steps in on social media, Facebook, Zoom etc.  


Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams at each location.  Prizes are $50 Sportchek gift cards for 1st place, $30 Sportchek gift cards for 2nd place and $15 Sportchek gift cards for 3rd place. 

Tracking Distances  

Distance can be tracked various ways.  You can use a Garmin, fit bit, app on your phone, a pedometer, etc.  

To help with tracking remember that 1,250 steps is equal to one kilometer,  there are many apps available so choose the one you like best!  A great app that tracks your distance but does not use data is iSmoothRun.  You can also google the distance of many of the trails you may use.    These suggestions will help you keep track of your distances for the challenge.  

Challenge Duration  

The Walk Canada Challenge will run for 6 weeks beginning Friday 12 June/20 and conclude on 24 July/20  

Participants will submit their totals to their team captains on Friday’s and results will be posted on the following Tuesday.  

Who Is Eligible To Take Part  

The challenge is open to the entire CAF community so teams can be comprised of immediate family members as well as military members.  

June is Rec Month 

From 12 June to 3 July 2020 registration in the Walk Canada Challenge will count towards June is Rec Month entry codes.  Team Captains will be given codes to send to their team members.    Here is more information on the Play with PSP contest: 

From 1 June – 3 July 2020 go to www.PLAYwithPSPcontest.ca  and register your name for a chance to win National Prizes: $2500, $1500, and $500 in gift cards from Canadian Tire or Sport Chek .Contestants must be age of majority, a member of CFOne, St. John’s Rec Pass holder, or club member. You can also accumulate more entries by entering codes for a total of up to 14 entries (= 14 chances to win!). Use your code from the Walking Challenge to increase your chance to win great prizes.   More information on codes to follow from team captains once participants register.  See www.CAFconnection.ca/JRM or contact St. John's PSP staff for more info on June is Rec Month activities. 

How to Register: 

You can register through BookKing on the following link: 


Registration for the Walk Canada Challenge will close on Wed 10 June 20 so get your teams together and get moving!  

For more infomation or if you are experiencing  problems with registering on book king contact Paul Cunningham at cunningham.paul@cfmws.com.