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Programs & Services


Medically releasing CAF member

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Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program 
Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program (CFMAP) is a voluntary and confidential service, initiated by the CAF to help members (Regular Force, all Reserve Class Members, Cadets and Veterans) and family members who have personal concerns that affect their personal well-being and/or work performance. CFMAP can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at: 1-800-268-7708, Teletypewriter: 1-800-567-5803
Case Management 
Case Management Services are provided by Canadian Forces Health Services (CFHS) and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) to those transitioning out of the CAF. The purpose of this partnership is to ensure seamless support during the administrative processes related to the release.

  • CAF Nurse Case Management
    The Nurse Case Management Program is designed to help eligible CAF members identify and access health, pension and other related resources while ensuring continuity of care. Nurse Case Management is available at most CAF medical clinics. For more information contact your local base medical clinic. 
  • Joint Personnel Support Unit Case Management
    The Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU) provides personal administrative support and programs to ill and injured CAF members of the regular and reserve force. Military members do not have to be posted to the JPSU in order to receive services through an Integrated Personnel Support Centre (IPSC). Services available at the IPSC Services Section include; 
    • return to work coordination;
    • vocational transition assistance;
    • home and vehicle modifications;
    • and transition, advocacy and referral services.
  •  Veterans Affairs Canada Case Management  
    • Veterans Affairs Canada offers case management services to former CAF members, Veterans, RCMP and their families who may be finding it difficult to navigate life challenges, transitions, coping with a serious illness or an adjustment to a loss of a career or a loved one 
Casualty Support
Casualty Support provides support services to families and next of kin of serving and retired members of the CAF who are ill, injured or deceased.
Second Career Assistance Network 
Members and their families are invited to attend a Second Career Assistance Network (SCAN) seminar. A SCAN seminar is a two-day general information session designed to provide members with a combination of the various and current procedures, services and benefits they may experience during their transition from the military to post-service life. This seminar is relevant to all members preparing for release, regardless of release motives.

There is also a one day Medical Information seminar available to members and their families/spouses. This seminar is available to all members being medically released, members on a temporary or permanent medical category, and to senior leadership. Please inquire through your local Chain of Command.


Canadian Forces Health Services Royal Canadian Dental Corps
Canadian Forces Health Services provides a range of programs for members and transitioning members who are ill and injured. Services vary from medical and mental health care, support for families, and comprehensive reintegration and return-to-work programs. To access these services the member must report to their Medical Officer for a proper referral. The Royal Canadian Dental Corps provides both full spectrum dental care and other professional capabilities that will directly contribute to CAF operational readiness and member’s quality of life.

Canadian Forces Physiotherapy CAF Mental Health Services
The vision of Canadian Forces Physiotherapy is to provide professional excellence in physiotherapy services, demonstrated in the ability to contribute to the rehabilitation and maintenance of operationally deployable forces and by providing physical and measurable solutions to operational readiness. The main providers of mental health resources for CAF members are located within CF Health Services. These service providers will offer assistance or refer the member to appropriate resources such as psychosocial or mental health programs, addiction services or Operational and Trauma Stress Support Centers.
Mental Health Care (OSI clinics) Operational Stress Injury Social Support
Each Operational Stress Injury Clinic provides assessment, treatment, prevention and support to serving CAF members, Veterans and RCMP members and former members. Treatment options at each OSI clinic are on an outpatient basis and include one-on-one therapy or group sessions to address anxiety, insomnia, anger and other issues. Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) provides a national peer support network for CAF members, Veterans and their families experiencing an operational stress injury.
Psychologists Strengthening the Forces
The directory of all registrants of the Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists is updated every month to ensure you have access to a list of qualified health psychologists. If you have a case manager, ask about insurance coverage for psychosocial support as soon as you know your release date. Strengthening the Forces enables the CAF leadership to develop and sustain a strong, healthy and fit force, in an environment which supports a lifestyle dedicated to eating well, injury prevention, coping effectively and living addiction-free. is a complementary online resource featuring general fitness and a more family-friendly, total lifestyle approach to active living. Enjoy access to all the benefits of with customized features. To learn more about this online platform, visit the for Families and Veterans page.  

Provincial Health Card 
When transitioning into the civilian medical system, each province issues a provincial health card. When accessing health services in Canada each patient must carry their own provincial health card. It is necessary to have a health card to ensure smooth transition to civilian medical services. For medically-releasing members the releasing unit may be able to assist in this application process.
Provincial Medical Resources 
Medical resources specific to each province. Contact your nearest MFRC for local information, as they may have programs in place to further assist you.

Newfoundland Medical Care Plan (Health Card) information
Finding a family physician
Speak to a Registered Nurse, Healthline, dial 8-1-1
For information on local services (walk-in clinics, etc) click on your Regional Authority’s website at bottom of this page