Facility Booking Requests
All Gym, weight and cardio room visits must be booked on line. Please follow the link below. Please note: At this time, the gym is only open to currently serving military and civilian employees of 5 CDSG Garrison St. John's. Update coming soon on when veterans and members of the public can attend.

Facility Booking Requests

Please follow Book King link to book your gym time: 

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri: 0830-1830hrs
Sat-Sun: Closed 

We’re happy to be opening up and having the members back in the gyms to work out and get active. Our goal is to provide as near normal workout experience as you would have had pre-covid.  Having that said we have post COVID protocols and procedures in place for the safety of our community.

  • Workouts will be booked by members using the on-line PSP Recreation BookKing program. Bookings are to be made in advance to ensure proper contact tracing for the FS&R Section of the facility. Link to site is  https://bkk.cfmws.com/stjohnspub/facilities/index.asp .
  • Members require an account to book a workout. If you require assistance please contact:
  • In BookKing under facilities there are 3 main workout areas with a designated number of workout pods in each:
    • Weight Room – 8 pods
    • Gymnasium – 23 pods
    • Spin Bike – 6 pods
  • Workout pods are designed to maintain social distancing and are marked on the floor to assist members in keeping a safe distance
  • In each of the workout areas please follow the directional arrows placed on the floor to move within that area
  • All members must wear a mask in the main hallway areas.  Once you have reached your booked area you can remove your mask to workout.  When you are done your workout and leave your area you must wear a mask.
  • Members are required to book a workout pod during their preferred workout block time
  • Workout blocks are as follow:
    • 0830-0945hrs – weight room, gymnasium and spin bikes
    • 1000-1115hrs – weight room, gymnasium and spin bikes
    • 1130-1245hrs – weight room, gymnasium and spin bikes
    • 1300-1415hrs – weight room, gymnasium and spin bikes
    • 1430-1600hrs – weight room and spin bikes
      *** PLEASE NOTE: The actual workout block in BookKing is 90 minutes however your actual workout time is 60 minutes with 15 minutes allotted to cleaning.  There is also 15 minutes allotted for PSP inspection/clean and transition time between block bookings
  • Maximum number of members booked in each block is 37
  • All members are required to check in at Sports Stores at the beginning of their work out block.
  • You must remain in the current workout pod that is booked for duration of your workout.
  • It is mandatory to clean the equipment you are using in the pod you once you are done and your preference for cleaning equipment prior to your workout
  • Each workout pod will have cleaning supplies available
  • Spotters are permitted where safety is a concern.  If a spotter is required the spotter may enter into the workout pod of another member and both individuals must wear their mask.  Once the exercise requiring a spotter is complete then the spotter must return to their own pod
  • Members must bring their own water bottle as water fountains are out of bounds
  • At the present time shower facilities are not accessible