Orientation & Training

Orientation & Training


Orientation & Training

The goal of the St. John’s MFRC is to provide quality programming and services that are designed to meet the needs of the Military community.  This is achieved through community participation at all levels.  Volunteers are the backbone of this process. They play an integral role in ensuring are governed properly and have community involvement in program and service delivery.

Recruitment into the volunteer program is ongoing. We are always looking for energetic and enthusiastic to assist and take leadership roles in our many programs and services. Our volunteers are currently involved in the following:
•    Board of directors
•    Special events
•    Quilting club
•    Craft club
•    Children and youth programs
•    Community programs

Have a special skill that you would like to share? We can help set up a program for you. Just give us a call with your ideas. 

To become a St. John’s MFRC volunteer, please drop us a line and we can explore the possibilities. The process is simple: complete an application then come in for an interview to discuss your interests and how we can best use your skills and to review our screening process. 

As an MFRC volunteer you can help us recruit other volunteers through various means including advertising, participating in MFRC programs and by speaking on a daily basis to people who have similar interests.

So why volunteer? Volunteering with the St. John’s MFRC has its benefits:
•    Meet new people
•    Get assistance with job search skills including resumes, cover letters, interviews/networking and applications of employment.
•    Letters of reference / appreciation.
•    Opportunities for training and educational growth.
•    Learn new skills.
•    The genuine feeling that you made a difference.