Adults studying at computers

MFRC Learning Lab


MFRC Learning Lab Study Group Sessions

Exciting news…military families have access to the MFRC Learning Lab for all your adult learning needs (located in the MFRC Annex, Building R34-adjacent to the Arena). The space is suitable for individual study and can accommodate larger group activities; we have computer terminals, WiFi, employment and education resources, kitchen facilities and a coffee area.

MFRC volunteers oversee (free, drop-in) Study Group sessions, where learners can work individually or engage in collaborative thinking. Bring your own coursework and lap top or utilize one of the computer stations provided by the MFRC! Each of our computer terminals has it's own monitor, keyboard, mouse and headset with mic. Drop-in, log-on and learn at your own pace! 

Volunteers are needed for Study Group Sessions, you pick the days and times that are a fit for your lifestyle. If you are interested please contact the MFRC Volunteer Coordinator  ( or call 403-544-5567.

Note: operational hours for Study Groups are dependent on the availability of our Volunteers and are subject to change. For schedule changes please call the MFRC at 403-544-5567.

The Learning Lab facilities can be booked out for meetings (etc.) through the MFRC. For more information or to book facilities call the MFRC at 403-544-5567 or email the Employment & Education Assistance Coordinator (