Defeating Negativity in the Workplace

Defeating Negativity in the Workplace Call Kerry (403.544.5567) to arrange your personal viewing of this Webinar!

Negative people come with the territory in the business world. You can’t change that. But you can change how you respond to the “sour puss”, so you aren’t held hostage by the griping, moaning and complaining. This Webinar will teach you how to reprogram your thinking and reclaim the ground you’ve lost to negativism.

You have to do more than stay upbeat when dealing with the negative personality. Join us for this idea-packed hour and you’ll learn the common reasons underlying negativity, coping techniques for when you have no escape route, ways to cultivate positive characteristics in your own personality and much more. Your emotional well-being is at stake. If you’re ready to do something about the negative attitudes that are dragging you down, this Webinar is the ideal starting point. Sign up today!

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:
  • Where does negative thinking come from?
  • The 10 warning signs of excessive negativity in an organization;
  • How to survive (even thrive) in a negative work environment;
  • Coping strategies for dealing with chronically negative people;
  • What you can do to be a catalyst for positive change in a negatively charged organization.