Boosting your Productivity with Excel Workbooks

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Microsoft Excel is a versatile and useful productivity tool that can make sense of large amounts of data and make your life a lot easier.  And if you aren’t taking advantage of Excel Workbooks, you could be saving yourself a lot of time and frustration! 

Boosting Your Productivity with Excel Workbooks is a course that walks you through the benefits and advantages of using Workbooks and gives you the knowledge you need to begin using the feature immediately!  You’ll be amazed at the amount of time you’ll save after you learn how to customize Excel, automatize features, and learn about hidden features.

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn to organize Excel for the way you work;
  • Discover how to use multiple workbooks together to achieve more;
  • Master the hidden features of Excel that will make you more productive;
  • Use the automation features in Excel to get more done with less effort;
  • Uncover tricks of the trade that result in better graphics and charts.