Collaboration Skills in the Workplace

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Collaboration is all about relationships; learn how to get the most out of yours for maximum results.

Successful collaboration is all about relationships and teamwork. You need to find a way to leverage your personal relationships with other employees to really get things done. But this isn’t always easy to do. Do you know how to work with others to get maximum results? Sign up for Collaboration Skills in the Workplace and learn vital teamwork skills like:

  • Building bridges with colleagues to get things done;
  • Developing an atmosphere of honesty and open communication;
  • Framing projects as win-win situations.

Improve your communication skills and watch performance soar! If you’re serious about improving your ability to work with others, you need to boost your collaboration skills. You need to be able to convey your goals and how they relate to others to create win-win situations. You need to be able to both give and receive feedback without bruising anyone’s ego. You need Collaboration Skills in the Workplace.

Featuring the proven strategies and techniques of master collaborators, this training will help you gain the reputation of being a team player, someone who can get things done. If you’re serious about improving your ability to work with others, this is one training you can’t afford to miss. Don’t wait, sign up now!

A Look at Your Agenda …

  • Putting organizational goals first and how to present your needs within that framework;
  • Building and maintaining relationships that will help you get things done;
  • Strategies for improving your communication skills;
  • Overcoming resistance and hostility to get results;
  • Fostering a culture of give-and-take;
  • The secrets of building mutally beneficial situations;
  • How to work with unpleasant or difficult coworkers;
  • Facilitating information sharing and openness in the workplace;
  • The right way to recognize the contributions of others without minimizing your own role.