Gossip & Grapevines in the Workplace
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You probably spend more waking hours with your coworkers than you do with your friends or family. So it’s no surprise that you know a lot about them — and so do other people in your workplace. Workplace gossip and grapevines are a fact of life. And while not all of it is inherently bad, all of it can have an impact on the workplace!

What role does the grapevine play in your workplace life?

There’s the information that’s helpful, like finding out that a new department is being formed … and you may be able to get in on the ground floor. There’s the stuff that’s harmless, like finding out that Joe is going on vacation next week. And then there’s the gossip that’s hateful — that negatively impacts professional and personal reputations. And harmful gossip leads to cliques, resentfulness, and destructive office morale.

In one hour, get the solution to handling workplace gossip!

There’s no better way for getting the tools you need to deal with workplace gossip and office grapevines than Gossip and Grapevines in the Workplace. You’ll discover how you can use your grapevine for good, like getting the word out about your workplace successes. You’ll learn how to counteract destructive rumors and eliminate negative gossip. Plus, you’ll make sure you’re being kept in the loop on the things you need to know! 

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • “Did you hear about …?” The perilous trap that gossip sets and its damaging effects if it catches you;
  • It’s not all bad: the positive side of gossip;
  • The importance of keeping your ear to the ground without looking like you’re fishing for dish;
  • How to gracefully sidestep getting sucked into gossip yourself;
  • How to stop gossip in its tracks among your employees;
  • The role of social media, texting, and email in spreading gossip;
  • How to tactfully get the truth out on the table;
  • How to confront someone who is spreading rumors about you;
  • How to use the grapevine to your advantage;
  • How your organization’s culture might be feeding the beast — and what to do about it.