Telephone Skills for Customer Service & Sales Professionals

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You spend a lot of time on the phone, which means your job comes with a ton of unique challenges. You have to come across as friendly and professional, but also stay focused on your key objectives. You have to make your point quickly and clearly. And you have to be service-minded—and sales-focused—all while talking to someone who may not even want to be on the phone with you.

We get how hard your job is, and that’s why we’ve developed Telephone Skills for Customer Service and Sales Professionals—an exciting one-hour course in how to develop a positive phone presence that’ll produce amazing results for you. You’ll connect more quickly and easily with the person on the phone ... handle objections and difficult people with greater success ... and get the optimum results you’re looking for.

Sign up for this live Webinar and learn powerful phone techniques that will make your day easier—and make you more successful! This is training you can’t afford to miss. Enroll today!

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • Essential words and phrases that make a caller feel welcomed—and give a great impression of your organization.
  • Keep it simple: How to make your key points clearly and concisely
  • Critical guidelines for handling and disarming difficult people—whether they’re rude, angry or upset 
  • Secrets to selling over the phone without coming across as too “salesy”  
  • 3 phone behaviors customers hate most—and how to avoid them