Workout at Work

Workout at Work

Welcome to the Workout at Work component of the LEP. All members of the local Defence Team are welcome and encouraged to take part.

Did you know that your health benefits from as little as 10 minutes of movement at a time? Join us for 10 minutes of movement by picking from the list of videos below, as each one becomes available, or consider joining our mailing list to receive notification each time a new video is uploaded. No registration is required (though it is available upon request). If you have done most of these workouts for a month's time, write back to in order to claim your clue in the scavenger hunt.

Workouts at Work:

Episode-1: 15 January
Episode-2: 29 January
Episode-3: 18 February
Episode-4: 27 February
Episode-5: (Available 11 March)
Episode-6: (Available 25 March)
Episode-7: (Available 8 April)
Episode-8: (Available 22 April)
Episode-9: (Available 6 May)
Episode-10: (Available 20 May)
Episode-11: (Available 3 June)
Episode-12: (Available 17 June)

We recommend that you take the Get Active Questionnaire in order to make sure you are healthy enough to workout (see also Reference Document).

Not what you were looking for? May we suggest Fit for Health?