Deployment Support

Deployment Support


Deployment Support Services

Upcoming virtual event: 'Deployment Reintegration' with Kim Mills from 'She is Fierce', Tuesday August 4th at 7:00 PM. This event is a must for all family members: spouses, partners, parents of CAF members. Sign up today to register for this free online event!

The Suffield MFRC provides support services to CAF families prior to, during, and after a deployment.  A deployment means the assignment of military personnel on unaccompanied duty away from their normal posting, such as temporary duty, course, unaccompanied posting, and overseas mission.

The MFRC provides the following support services:
  • Resources to assist families during all stages of deployment such as books, articles, websites, etc.
  • Liaise with other support agencies and make referrals as needed or requested.
  • Family briefings and workshops.
  • Special social events and regular informal gatherings.
  • Assistance during a family crisis.
  • Emergency and respite childcare.
  • Assistance to families in financial literacy and planning.
  • Warm-line outreach; a confidential phone service offered to all spouses of deployed CAF personnel for the purposes of informing, reassuring, and supporting. 
Deployment Resources: For more information regarding Deployment Support Services contact the MFRC Deployment Support Coordinator (