Volunteer Leadership



The goal of the MFRC Volunteer Program is to support the MFRC mission and vision; to enhance quality of life through opportunities for community involvement, personal growth, skill development and volunteer recognition.

Orientation & Screening
MFRC volunteer applicants will be screened in a manner appropriate to the volunteer position for which they have applied.

Screening procedures are determined according to:
a. The vulnerability of persons with whom the volunteer will be involved;
b. The requirements of the position; and
c. The nature of the relationship between volunteer and client.

All volunteers are required to have a Criminal Record Check. Volunteers must bring completed checks back to the Volunteer Coordinator for processing. Some positions will also require the completion of a Services Intervention Record Check. If a current volunteer wishes to move into a position that requires a higher level of screening, he/she will be expected to fulfil the additional requirements.
Costs associated with these checks for volunteers will be paid by the Suffield MFRC. Should the results of the check indicate there may be a history, the volunteer will be expected to provide full disclosure on this issue. If the volunteer refuses to provide full disclosure, his/her participation as a volunteer will be terminated.
If you are interested in volunteering at the MFRC please review the MFRC Volunteer Handbook and then print and complete your Application Form; or come into the MFRC for your copy. Email your completed Application Form to the Volunteer Coordinator   (mfrc.information@gmail.com) to set-up an Orientation and Screening Appointment.