MFRC Board of Directors

MFRC Board of Directors


MFRC Board of Directors Make a difference in your community

Volunteering with your local Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) is a great way to have your voice heard and have an impact on the programs and services available for your community.

One significant way to give your time and expertise is by joining your MFRC’s Board of Directors. The Board of Directors provides support, assistance and guidance to the Centre's staff to ensure that the programs and services provided meet the unique needs of the community. Each MFRC’s Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the effective planning, delivery and evaluation of MFSP services offered at their Centre.

MFRC Boards of Directors are comprised of at least 51% civilian family members of full-time serving CAF personnel. MFRC board members are nominated and elected by the CAF community served. This ensures that the military community is able to hold the MFRC accountable to its constituents, and is one of many ways for communities to have input into the decisions and strategic direction of the organization.

For more information on volunteering with the MFRC Board of Directors contact the MFRC at 403-544-5567 (ask for Kerry Goldring) or by email: