Emergency Child Care

Emergency Child Care


Be Prepared Ensure you have a plan in place

Please note, due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, the Medicine Hat based company that we have contracted to provide Emergency Child Care services is currently closed. As an alternative service, we have sourced individuals who are willing to provide child care in and out of regular working hours.  Note, this would be a private arrangement between you and the individual; the MFRC has not screened or vetted any of the persons offering child care services. You will be responsible for all related fees, however, upon submission of receipts, CAF members may qualify for subsidy. Please contact the MFRC (cfbsuffieldmfrc@gmail.com) for a list of child care providers.  

Once operations resume as normal, the following applies:
The MFRC facilitates access to Emergency Child Care services (ECC) and Emergency Respite Child Care services (ERCC) in emergency situations, when all other supports fall through. For the provision of an efficient and timely service, please read our Information Guide, ensuring you submit your completed Emergency Child Care Plan to the MFRC.

Eligibility and subsidized funding requests for ECC/ERCC are approved at the discretion of the MFRC Executive Director; each case is unique and financial assistance for ECC/ERCC is assessed individually, as per Military Family Services ECC policy. You must retain all receipts to qualify for any financial subsidy and reimbursement.  To learn more about ECC reference documents and options for your family, call the Family Information Line at 1-800-866-4546.

For further information, please email the MFRC Child and Youth Coordinator, or call 403-544-5567.