Hockey Equipment Cleaning: For $20/set, Hockey equipment can now be cleaned at the Recreation Centre. It can be dropped off and/or picked up during Sports Stores Hours. The process takes approximately 40 minutes; it eliminates bacteria and helps impede the growth of new bacteria.  Hockey equipment must be dry before cleaning.

Minor Hockey: Ralston Wildcats - Minor Hockey is a popular pasttime in Ralston for children ages 4-15 years old. This year the Ralston Wildcats is FREE for those members with a valid CRA Membership. Click the link above for more information regarding this year's Wildcats season!

Ralston Devils Dependants Hockey - CFB Suffield hosts an adult dependants recreation hockey team for spouses.  It has been very popular and always has 2-3 teams due to the amount of participation it receives.  Some of the hockey equipment is available to sign out.

Recreational Hockey - CFB Suffield has a recreational hockey league made up of 3 teams and is open to all Base employees, military members and dependants. 

Base Hockey - every year CFB Suffield has a Base Hockey Team that attends the Prairie Region Small Base Hockey Championship.  This team is open to all CF military members.

Mess Hockey - To view the latest Mess Hockey Schedule.

In the off season the arena is used for Ball Hockey, Indoor Soccer and Special Events.

Please Note:  Children under the age of eight years are to be accompanied by an adult.

For more details on registration and participation for any of the above contact the Facilities Coordinator, Wayne at 403-544-4011 ext 5569.  For details on timings and schedules contact the Arena Manager, Pierre at 403-544-4011 ext 4324.