Chapels & Chaplains

Chapels & Chaplains


Ralston Christ the King & St Albert the Great Chapel

Christ the King Chapel is located across from the Arena at the corner of Dugway Drive and Larkhill Lane.

Chapel Life - Army
Liturgical worship, fellowship and ministry to families of military members is the name of the game in Our Chapels throughout the Canadian Forces (CF).  Parish life in CF Chapels is outwardly not much different from life in civilian parishes throughout Canada.  However, there is one important difference here at CFB Suffield.  Our Chapel is a joint Canadian and British community.  Since we provide spiritual care to military members in both the CF and BATUS, the Chapel and chapel life community play an important part in the support system for these families during their posting here throughout the year.

Chaplain Resources here at CFB Suffield
Chaplain Services here at CFB Suffield offer a wide variety of services including pastoral care, counseling, sacramental rites & ceremonies, funerals, and educational briefs on ethics and spirituality.  Courses are available such as marriage preparation, baptismal preparation and religious education programs.  As part of our interfaith policy we accept all military personnel and their families of various religious groups welcome the use of our facilities by various faiths.  We also will liaise military personnel and their families their faith groups in the local area if requested.
If you are interested in getting more information about the meeting time of these groups please contact the Base Formation Chaplains office for more details.

Base Chaplain Suffield HQ
Phone:  403-544-5523
Hours:  0800 - 1600
Duty Chaplain:  403-502-4046

Church Services
Here in the Village of Ralston we offer the following worship services:
Worship Service at Christ the King Chapel:
1030 a.m. Sundays
Catholic Mass at St Albert the Great RC Chapel:
Last Sunday of every month at 1500 hours