Dress Regulations

Dress Regulations


Dress Regulations

It is the responsibility of all members of the Mess to maintain the highest standard of dress that will bring and reflect credit upon the member, the Mess, and the Base. Combinations of civilian and military dress will not be tolerated. Hats/Berets, coats, belts, briefcases, drill canes and pace sticks will be left in the cloakroom. The dress for each function will be clearly indicated on the function Proforma and the Mess notice board. It is the responsibility of all Mess members to ensure that dress regulations are adhered to at all times. 

Orders of dress are defined as follows:
a. Formal:
(1) Canadian Military:
      (a) DEU 2B and 3, and
      (b) Mess dress No.2 (Mess Kit);
(2) British Forces:
      (a) No 2, and
      (b) Mess Kit;
(3) Spouses/Guests:
      (a) Tuxedo,
      (b) Dark suit, and
      (c) Gown (ankle length);
b. Informal:
(1) Sports jacket or blazer,
(2) Planters,
(3) Dress slacks,
(4) Dress style sport or polo shirt open at the neck,
(5) Dress shoes, and
(6) Cocktail dress (mid-calve length);
c. Relaxed / Casual:
(1) Dress slacks,
(2) Dress style sport or polo shirts open at the neck,
(3) Dress shoes, and
(4) Clean and in good repair, jeans and running shoes;
d. Unacceptable Mess dress:
(1) Singlets, T-shirts, tank tops,
(2) Sweatshirts,
(3) PT/Sports attire and shorts of any description,
(4) Coveralls, and
(5) Thongs, sandals or similar footwear.
 Note: During the summer months, sandals are authorized with socks.

Sports Clothing: The Base RSM, BATUS RSM or PMC may authorize PT or sports attire in the Mess after a sporting function or as part of a theme function. BATUS dress in the dining room is relaxed in line with junior ranks but limited to the following caveats:
a. sportswear must be clean and in good repair; and
b. this standard of dress is only permissible in the dining room.
Working Hours: The uniform of the day, to include seasonal dress, is acceptable in the Mess during normal working hours. Coveralls are not authorized except when it applies to members of the Royal Tank Regiment. Those not on duties may wear relaxed dress.

Ladies: It is very difficult to be specific and no easier to be general, when dealing with the dress of ladies, however, a common sense approach along the lines of what is generally socially acceptable in most military circles has been, in the past, the best guideline. Footwear that is suitable to the occasion and dress style is authorized.

Footwear: Appropriate footwear will be worn to suit the order of dress and occasion. Clean and in good repair running shoes / trainers are authorized in the Mess.

Belts: The following will apply in relation to the wearing of belts in the Mess:
a. Sam Browns: Warrant Officers wearing an order of dress which includes the Sam Brown belt may leave the belt on when in the Mess if it is their Regimental custom to do so; and
b. Web Belt: The web belt may be left on when in the Mess in shirtsleeve order.
Orders and Decorations: Orders and Decorations will be removed from the uniform upon entering the Mess except when in Mess Kit. The only exceptions are the New Year’s Levee, Remembrance Day and when National Traditions, Customs or Regulations dictate.