Physical Re-Conditioning

Physical Re-Conditioning

The PSP Reconditioning Program (PSP-RP) is administered for the benefit of all CAF personnel who suffer from illness or injury. Pre-clearance and referral from CFHS is usually required in order to register for 1-on-1 appointments. For anyone registered in the program, depending on your needs, you will have access to Functional Movement Screening (FMS), aquatic exercise, meal-planning and nutrition, and one-on-one goal-setting with an exercise physiologist.


The first step is to meet with your doctor or physical therapist and ask whether the reconditioning program is right for you at this stage. If so, the exercise physiologist will meet with you in order to review your needs and your goals. Based on all of this along with your baseline level of function, you will be issued a training program and will receive instruction on how to carry it out. You will have access to the Conditioning Lab, which is a private area of the Recreation Centre set aside with specialized equipment.

To access the help of PSP with your injury-related or illness-related physical deconditioning, contact the PSP Reconditioning Specialist.

Mr. Jeremy Peressini
Local 5620 (403.544.4011 extension 5620)


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