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Due to the current situation with COVID-19 please visit the "Facilities" tab, then "PSP Facilities" for updated information regarding current PSP Facilities & Services.

Swimming Pool PSP Suffield Swimming Pool

The current situation with COVID-19 has limited our options to serve you - but we still have plenty of great booking slots available that are within AHS guidelines.

Please find more pool information/hours here: Covid-19 Pool Information/Hours. 


Class Descriptions: (Not currently applicable)

Aqua Fit:  A mix of cardio and strength training.  The instructor will use a variety of equipment like pool noodles, floatation belts and water dumbbells in order to improve stamina, strength and suppleness as well as increase cardiovascular fitness. With AquaFit, you’ll have the added benefits of the water’s resistance and extra support for your muscles and joints while working. *This class is baby and toddler friendly, we have special dolphin floating seat that can be used with both mom and children can enjoy the water experience.

Deepwater Running: Led by an instructor and will involve running in deep water while wearing a water belt.  This is a low impact, joint friendly workout that build strength and cardiovascular health.
For more info regarding the Pool & Schedules: contact Jeremy Perissini at 403-544-5620.
For more info regarding Swimming Lessons contact Jenny Styner at 403-544-4343.