Recreation Centre Programs & Classes

Recreation Centre Programs & Classes

Rec Centre Programs & Classes "There's nothing to do here..."

Nothing to do here?! Are you kidding?!
Our Rec Staff have been working hard to bring you the very best programs ALL FOR FREE. Yep-you heard me. FREE. Get yourself a CRA Membership and every one of these programs listed is FREE!


Recreation Centre
0630-2200 hrs - Monday to Friday
0900-2045 hrs - Saturday, Sunday & Holidays

Front Desk Hours
0830-1500 hrs - Monday to Friday

Check out the Class Descriptions below and contact Jenny at the Rec Centre for any questions or information at 403-544-4153.

Class Descriptions:

ALL CLASSES RUN FROM 16 Sep - 14 Dec 2019 unless otherwise marked below.

Aqua Babies / Toddlers: Parented, babies and caregivers work on getting wet, buoyancy and movement, front back and vertical position in the water, and shallow water entries and exits.

AquaFit:  A mix of cardio and strength training.  The instructor will use a variety of equipment like pool noodles, floatation belts and water dumbbells in order to improve stamina, strength and suppleness as well as increase cardiovascular fitness. With AquaFit, you’ll have the added benefits of the water’s resistance and extra support for your muscles and joints while working. *This class is baby and toddler friendly, we have special dolphin floating seat that can be used with both mom and children can enjoy the water experience.

Badminton: Badminton motivates you to stay fit in a fun way.  These drop-in sessions are for all levels including the beginners.  You will learn new techniques relevant to your skill set.  Badminton can be played in three variants; singles, doubles and mixed doubles.  Doubles are much less physically demanding which is why people tend to continue to play Badminton to the ripe old ages and enjoy the many health benefits of Badminton. (Begins 22 Sep-6 Dec 2019)

Barre: A whole body workout that uses ballet style technique to upbeat music. We will work on strength, flexibility and musicality. No dance experience necessary, as we can work at a variety of levels. Wear work out/yoga clothing, and grippy socks (mandatory) as we use equipment in this class. Bring a yoga mat. Grippy socks are available for purchase in class.

Circuit PT: Circuit PT is a fast-paced fun class with weighted movements, bodyweight exercises and heart-raising cardio. This class can be enjoyed by all abilities, take it at your own pace and enjoy! It's a great way to tone muscle, lose fat and meet new people! "Friends who sweat together, stay together!"

Deepwater Running: Led by an instructor and will involve running in deep water while wearing a water belt.  This is a low impact, joint friendly workout that build strength and cardiovascular health.

Foundational Movement: Foundational movement focuses on prep and mobility. The class will help beginners become comfortable in the gym setting, intermediate members tweak and optimize form, and help prevent any level from injury.

HIIT: Circuit based training that all experience levels can enjoy. Easy to learn exercises, that are meant to challenge you and make you sweat!

Hula Flow: A fun class that will teach participants to flow through a variety of different techniques using a hula hoop. (No class 3-10 Oct 2019)

Learn to Swim: Designed to work with all levels of adult swimmers. The instructor will work on teaching basic swimming skills, building confidence in the water up to and improving intermediate swimmers proficiency in swimming strokes. All levels of swimmers welcome.

Morning Yoga: This is an all levels class offering sequences designed to wake up the body, increase flexibility, and restore alignment to encourage optimal range of motion and movement patterns. Each class will finish with relaxation techniques guiding you towards inner peace, and a still place for the rest of your day to unfold. Bring your yoga mat!

Netball: An exciting ball sport played by two teams of seven players. Each team attempts to score goals by passing a ball down the court and shooting it through its goal ring. This drop-in program will get you having so much fun while also being active!

Pound Fitness: A cardio toning class inspired by playing the drums. It is a full body work out using drum sticks! Pound is designed for all fitness levels, and is appealing to both women and men of all ages! Wear Grippy socks or running shoes. Bring a yoga mat and a water bottle! Grippy socks are available for purchase in class.

Self-Defense: At the self-defense classes, we will teach you how to focus on your target while you control your body.  With the body control and balance, you will be better prepared to protect yourself mentally and physically in unpleasant situations.  Of course, we can’t teach you to become Bruce Lee because as an adults, physiologically, it is too late to achieve that level of mastery, however, we can certainly help you try to make war-cry and war-face like him.

Swim Stroke Correction: Swim Stroke Correction class focus on stroke correction and endurance, improving swimming skills through a variety of drills. All levels of adult swimmers welcome.

Triathlon Training Run - Bike / Pool: Each person in this course will learn about and be trained to, by the end of it, do a simulated beginner triathlon indoors: 500 m swim; 45 minutes pedaling; 3 k run/walk. The Tuesday class will focus on running and cycling (along with basic resistance training and stretching) while the Friday class will focus on swimming.